Programs & Services

  1. Alarm Board

    Located in the Police Department, the alarm board allows residents and businesses to connect their private fire alarm or security system to the Communications Center for 24/7 monitoring.

  2. Animal Control

    Animal Control deals with nuisance animal problems.

  3. Bicycle Patrol

    Bicycle Patrol provides community residents greater access and more accessibility to our police officers during the warmer months of the year.

  4. Care Call Program

    A special program offering free, scheduled phone calls to resident senior citizens and residents living alone that checks-up on overall welfare, health, safety and security.

  5. Juvenile Diversion Program

    We aim to provide participants the opportunity to become productive, responsible and active members of the community.

  6. Other Programs & Services

    Our department provides a variety of other safety services for the community.

  7. Residents With Special Needs

    Our Communications Center has the capability to immediately access pertinent information about a residence prior to sending safety services personnel to a home.

  8. Residential & Business Security Survey

    Experienced crime prevention police officers provide a free, comprehensive inspection of residential or business property to evaluate and recommend protection or security of exterior and interior areas.

  9. Vacation House Watch

    This is a service for residents away from their home for a period of time.