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Police Department - For Emergencies, Call: 9-1-1


Police DepartmentOur mission is to create an atmosphere to preserve the safety and security of the community by providing quality police service in a fair and impartial manner.  We believe this can be accomplished by interacting and responding to community needs, emphasizing integrity and professionalism.

Our continued emphasis on residential safety ensures that our City remains one of the safest cities in the state with a zero percent personal crime rate and one of the lowest property crime rates in the country (statistics taken from Money Magazine’s Top 100 Best Places to Live).

The Police Department’s Communications Center is staffed with dedicated personnel who  provide 24-hour operations for all emergency, non-emergency and TDD (hearing impaired) telephone lines for both Police and Fire services that facilitate easy and quick access and contact for all members of the community.


The City of Highland Heights has instituted the CodeRED Emergency Notification System - an ultra high-speed telephone communication service for emergency notifications. This system allows us to telephone all or targeted areas of the City in case of an emergency situation that requires immediate action (such as a boil-water notice, missing child, utility outage, fires or floods, bomb threat, chemical spill or gas leak or evacuation notices).

Please take a moment to provide us with appropriate information to be notified by the emergency response team in the event of emergency situations or critical community alerts. Click here to get started

Our Force
To accomplish our mission, our force consists of twenty-two (22) police officers who spend time with residents and business owners to build community relations and recognition. Our officers maintain 24-hour patrol coverage, responding to any and all community requests for service to create a feeling of safety and security throughout the city.  Our detectives are on twenty-four hour call to respond to criminal investigations and serious crimes.  Our department also operates and maintains a twelve-day jail facility located in the Police Department building.

Other Programs and Services
Our Department provides a variety of other safety services for the community including the Care Call Program for resident seniors, free Residential and Business Security Survey, an Alarm Board connecting your private security system to the Police and Fire Departments, Bicycle Patrol of the community during summer months, Residents with Special Needs Service helping residents by providing Safety Service personnel pertinent information, Vacation House Watch, Animal Control, and a Juvenile Diversion Program that addresses the problems of first time offenders. 

For more information on any of these programs, please call the Police Department non-emergency phone number at (440) 442-8825.  Our personnel will assist you and if necessary, direct your call to the appropriate party to help you.

Care Call Program
A special program offering free, scheduled phone calls to resident senior citizens and residents living alone that checks-up on overall welfare, health, safety and security.  Each call is confidential, available around the clock, and is placed at times selected by the resident.  Participants receive special attention during power outages and other emergencies.  This is an excellent program for family or neighbors who live alone.

Residential and Business Security Survey
Experienced crime prevention police officers provide a free, comprehensive inspection of residential or business property to evaluate and recommend protection or security of exterior and interior areas.  Participants are provided a copy of the officer’s findings and suggestions to make their home or business more secure.

Alarm Board
Located in the Police Department, the alarm board allows residents and businesses to connect their private fire alarm or security system to the Communications Center for 24/7 monitoring.  Existing systems can be transferred and directly connected to the Police Department Communications Center.  Cost of the service: $120.00 one-time installation fee, $120 annual fee to the alarm company and $60 annual fee to the City of Highland Heights.

Bicycle Patrol
Provides community residents greater access and more accessibility to our police officers during the warmer months of the year.  Our bicycle patrol maintains the safety of our City Park and neighborhood streets. 

Juvenile Diversion Program
In collaboration with Mayfield High School and the cities of Mayfield Village and Mayfield Heights, we provide alternatives to the Juvenile Justice System by offering programs that rehabilitate juvenile offenders by addressing problems that led to the root behavioral issues.  We aim to provide participants the opportunity to become productive, responsible and active members of the community.

Residents with Special Needs
Our Communications Center has the capability to immediately access pertinent information about a residence prior to sending safety services personnel to a home.  This would include information about anyone in the household that may have a movement disability, is ill, has a hearing or speech loss, requires medical equipment, etc.  This information remains confidential and secure for police and paramedic personnel only.  Access to this information can help police officers and paramedics serve you better in an emergency situation.  In a major power outage, we can also determine residents that may require assistance, either by phone or in person.  Please call our Department at (440) 442-8825 with this information, or if you prefer, we can send an officer to your home.

Vacation House Watch
Provides a service to residents away from their home for a period of time.  Residents can notify the Police Department and we will conduct security checks of the premises at intermittent intervals.  If you prefer that an officer not check your property, we can also take information on a phone number to reach you or someone else in case of an emergency.

Animal Control
Provides a service for nuisance animal problems.  Animals located within a residence are covered by a contract between the City and an outside animal service.   If the animal problem is not located within the residence, there may be a fee; the price depends on the type of service.  The animal service can set traps, relocate animals and advise residents on ways to correct on-going animal problems.  Call (440) 442-8825 to see if this service is available for your particular problem.