Business Resources

We hope this information will be helpful as you establish your business in the City of Highland Heights.
Post Office - Richmond Heights
  • 454 Richmond Road
    Cleveland, OH 44143
  • Ph: 800-275-8777
Police Department & Fire Department
  • 5827 Highland Road
    Highland Heights, OH 44143
  • Police non-emergency: 440-442-8825
  • Fire non-emergency: 440-442-7406
Better Business Bureau of Cleveland
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) promotes ethical business practices by providing these services:
  • Issues reliability reports on 18,000 companies actively doing business in our area
  • Monitors advertising and seeks online and offline corrections where appropriate
  • Mediates and arbitrates buyer-seller disputes
  • Reports on charitable and soliciting organizations
  • Issues alerts about schemes and frauds that attempt to victimize consumers and businesses
  • Works closely with law enforcement and regulatory agencies to deal with businesses not responding to self-regulation
  • Promotes intelligent buying through consumer and business education