Francine Hogg, 1996 - 2003

Fran Hogg served 2 terms as mayor and also served on City Council from 1994 to 1995. She served as the city’s recycling coordinator prior to Council and was a member of the Master Plan Committee. Mrs. Hogg is proud of her accomplishments as mayor, which she says were a result of teamwork and cooperation. Mayor Hogg was a mayor who gave of her time and expertise in many areas from participating in employee interviews with department heads to helping the Service Department plant flowers. Her interest in helping children was always evident. She planted flowers with young people in the Juvenile Diversion program and arranged for school children to attend council meetings to learn about the city government process.

Mrs. Hogg shared with us that she is proud of the many things that happened in the city while she was mayor. The development of the Aberdeen residential area and Stonewater Golf Course, the construction of the swimming pool and new tennis and basketball courts, and an aggressive infrastructure rehabilitation and maintenance program all were completed during her administration. She was also instrumental in securing a grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources that allowed the city to purchase additional land that is now a part of our Community Park.


During her administration, the city received a mandate from the EPA requiring the elimination of all septic systems in our predominantly residential community. Through the cooperative efforts of Mayor Hogg’s administration, City Council and city Engineer Steve Hovancsek, the City of Highland Heights was successful in securing a large amount of funding from Issue II, which greatly facilitated the elimination of all septic systems in the city. The City of Highland Heights was one of the first communities in Ohio to become completely compliant with the EPA unfunded mandate, with all systems being eliminated during her tenure in office.

During Mayor Hogg’s administration, a developer from Buffalo was trying to purchase a large stretch of properties on Wilson Mills Road across from Mayfield High School. The developer wanted to turn some land that was zoned residential to commercial use for a large national retailer. Mayor Hogg and all of City Council vehemently opposed the proposition. Mayor Hogg told the developer that we had no interest in allowing the change in zoning and that the City would challenge their efforts every step of the way. Thankfully, that area is still residential today largely due to Mayor Hogg’s efforts.

Now that she’s retired from city government, Mrs. Hogg works on several volunteer projects and is enjoying traveling and her role as a grandmother.