George Rau, 1930 - 1936

Mayor Rau was the fourth person to hold the office of mayor of Highland Heights. Like many of the early mayors, not much is known about his administration but thanks to the History of Highland Heights, published in 1976, we know the following.

George Rau was the son of a Pennsylvania legislator and was a man of many talents. He was co-owner of the Ferro Steel Products Company in Cleveland for several years and later was a partner in Rau and Rau Associates, which was an engineering and architectural firm. Mr. Rau was an accomplished painter and had 3 children, Howard, Marion and Frances.

During his tenure as mayor, he instructed the Village Engineer to construct a street layout of the Village for City Council's approval. This plan hung on the wall of the old City Hall for many years. If this original plan had been used, the city would have a drastically different appearance. Bishop Road and Wilson Mills would have a circle with all streets leading to the circle, similar to Fairmount and Shaker circles.