William Cozens, 1928 - 1929

Mayor William Cozens lived on Bishop Road. He was a carpenter by trade and had a small fruit farm. Not much is known about Mayor Cozens’ tenure in office; however, the following was taken from excerpts of The History of Highland Heights, a book that was published as a result of our community being declared a “bicentennial city” in 1976:
  • People of Highland Heights were authorized to call the Lyndhurst Fire Department in case of fire.
  • The city engineer created a planning map of Highland Road from the west end to the east end widening it to an 80 foot road.
  • A safe file for the village books and papers was obtained.
  • A Ford touring car was purchased for the Village Police Department.
  • Mayor Cozens appointed 2 councilmen, Fisher and Straight, to start investigating land sites for a town hall.
All these events may seem trivial to us now, but for a small city with minimal funding, these were all significant accomplishments.